Website and Tool Creation Resources

This website and the tools it uses were developed using a number of freely available and community driven resources. Below are listed the major resources we have implemented.

Python Logo

Python is a widely used and open-source programming language. Many of the core tools on this site are based in or managed with Python. Python is free to use under the Python Software Foundation License Agreement

Flask Logo

Flask is a "microframework" for website development using Python. It relies on the Jinja2 template engine and the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit. Flask makes generation of html and web apps more streamlined and less repetitive. Flask is available to use under the 3-clause BSD License

SQLalchemy Logo

SQLalchemy is a Python based object relational manager. It solves the problem known as the Object-relational impedance mismatch and allows python to manage relational databases. SQLalchemy is licensed under the Open Source Initiative MIT license.

postgreSQL Logo

PostgreSQL is a well established open-source object-relational database system and is what we use to manage our data. It scales well and is cross platform. PostgreSQL is licensed under its own PostgreSQL License, which grants liberal use similar to the MIT and BSD licenses.


Bootstrap Logo

Bootstrap is a web-frontend framework designed with preset and customizable features to control the look and feel of this website and is used for the base of our design. It includes CSS and JavaScript built-ins to improve aesthetic and functionality of websites. Bootstrap is licensed under the MIT License.

Bootstrap-Table Logo

Bootstrap-Table is a bootstrap extension designed specifically for formatting and function of tables built within the Bootstrap framework. We impliment this tool in our tables and most of their functionality draws directly from it. Bootstrap-Table is free to use under the MIT License.

Chart.js Logo

Chart.js is a light, responsive, and HTML5 canvas based plotting tool. "Simple, clean and engaging charts for designers and developers" Chart.js is open source and available under the MIT license.

noUiSlider Logo

noUiSlider provides minimal but powerful slider functionality for web pages. noUiSlider is fully open-source and free to use.

Font Awesome Logo

Font Awesome provides a library of graphic icons for use within web apps. Font Awesome is licensed under the MIT License.