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There are about 20,000 square degrees of sky observable from Flagstaff and LONEOS attempts to cover that area each month. The links below will allow you to follow our progress by mapping the regions we have searched. The LONEOS telescope is also used to make follow-up observations of the Gamma-ray bursters (GRBs). These appear to be among the most powerful events in the universe. LONEOS is part of the effort to understand these enigmatic objects.

Sky Coverage Map: This area allows you to generate maps showing where LONEOS and other surveys have been searching for NEOs.

Observation Count: This page summarizes all the asteroid observations we have made. It also presents the total observations and discoveries published in the Minor Planet Circulars.

Gamma-Ray Burst Observations: LONEOS provides data on GRB events to astronomers at the University of Arizona. Learn more about these amazing cosmic explosions.

LONEOS Maintenance Log: Some maintenance procedures on the LONOES system can have an effect on the images. Anything we believe could have an effect on the images is listed in this log.


Last updated: 2001 March 27

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