Discovery of 2003 SQ222

LONEOS Discovery Frames

The following 2003 SQ222 discovery frame segments were obtained from the LONEOS 60 cm Schmidt telescope on 2003 Sep 28. Bob Cash, of Minor Planet Research, made the discovery using PinPoint software. The asteroid appeared on frames 2, 3, and 4 of a 4-frame sequence. The frames were obtained at about 20 minute intervals. The exact times were 09:29:17, 09:49:45, and 10:10:17 UT.

LONEOS Follow-up Frames

On 2003 Sep 29, LONEOS obtained the follow-up sequence of frames. 2003 SQ222 barely appears on all 4 frames. The frames were taken at about 12 minute intervals: 03:43:32, 03:55:30, 04:07:30, and 04:19:27 UT. Again, Bob Cash identified the asteroid images. The second, slower-moving object is a typical main-belt asteroid.

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