Asteroid Observing Services

Target Generation
Service Name Short Name Description
Hierarchical Observation Protocol HOP Generate an observationally prioritized list of asteroids based on the capabilities of the user's instrument and other generic requirements.
Critical List of Asteroids CRITLIST View a pre-selected list of asteroids in need of observation.
Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance MOID View a list of asteroids whose orbits are very near the orbit of one or more of the major planets. These asteroids can have rapidly changing orbits due to perturbations by the large planets.
LONEOS Observations LONEOS_OBS View lists LONEOS asteroid observations.

Observational Aids
Service Name Short Name Description
Asteroid Ephemeris ASTEPH Generate an asteroid ephemeris by selecting the asteroid by name, the start time, duration and interval.
Asteroid Observability Chart OBS Build a chart which indicates when an asteroid is observable. The observability calculation is based on the user's instrument, and location and the asteroid's declination, uncertainty, solar elongation, magnitude, and galactic latitude.
Asteroid Observing Strategy OBSSTRAT Calculate the dates for a "small" number of observations that will result in the numbering of an asteroid. The calculation is based on the user's instrument and location. Build a chart showing the ephemeris uncertainty after each suggested observation.
Asteroid Finder Chart ASTFINDER Build a chart showing the position of a selected asteroid and the surrounding stars. The motion vector and the line of variation are indicated.
Asteroid Plot ASTPLOT Build a plot that depicts the position of stars and asteroids within a defined region.

Catalog Access
Service Name Short Name Description
Asteroid Orbital Elements ASTORB View a list of asteroid orbital parameters and physical properties. The orbital parameters are updated daily.
USNO-A2.0 Star Catalog REFNET Create a list of stars that meet various positional and brightness criteria. The base catalogs include USNO-A2.0, USNO-SA2.0, and PPM.

Related Information
Service Name Short Name Description
Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search LONEOS View a description of the LONEOS project.

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