Comet Fluorescence Efficiencies and Haser Fractions

This service computes the appropriate fluorescence efficiencies (g-factors) and/or Haser fractions needed to take a molecular flux measurement for a comet and derive a resulting production rate. Five optical/near-UV species are currently supported:
OH, NH, CN, C2, C3.

There are three options for using this site. The list below provides a brief description of each option and a link to a more detailed description of the option.

  1. Return only the comet fluorescence efficiencies (L/N) from user-supplied heliocentric distance (r) and heliocentric velocity (v).
  2. Return only the Haser fraction from user-supplied heliocentric velocity, geocentric distance, and aperture radius.
  3. Return all values in calculating production rates from params provided input r, Δ, v, aperture radius and fluxes. Return ρ, log ρ, area (cm2), L/N, M(ρ), log M(ρ), N(ρ), log N(ρ), xp, xd, H-frac, M(tot), log M(tot), Q, log Q.

To calculate values for a comet, select an option below:
Haser fraction
compute Qs from Fluxes

Comet Hale-Bopp. Photograph by David Schleicher.