Critical Lists

Asteroids in Critical Need of Observation

The asteroids listed below are observable tonight (geocentric solar elongation ≥ 90°) and meet pre-defined criteria. Generally, these are objects for which observation are time sensitive, would significantly improve the orbfit solution, or would add the the completeness of known phsyical properties. For the legacy astorb critical lists see here.

Recent NEAs

NEAs announced in the last 2 weeks.

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Critical Errors

Astrometry Needed (V ≤ 20)

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Brightest Tonight

Brightest point of current apparition (V ≤ 17)

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Low DeltaV

Today's lowest ΔV ≤ 6km/s NEAs (V ≤ 23)

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Opposition Objects

At opposition (|α| < 1, V ≤ 19)

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Low Quality Lightcurve

Low quality lightcurves in the LCDB (V ≤ 18)

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No Physical Data

Bright (V ≤ 17) objects with unknown physical properties (lightcurve, color, spectrum, albedo)

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