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Asteroid populations are based on computed dynamical types.
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Display observable asteroids for a specified date in an interactive table.

Generate Asteroid and observatory-specific ephemeris.

Build finder charts for a given asteroid and time and/or display known asteroids in a specified field.

Return all known orbital and physical properties for a specified asteroid.

Chart asteroid observability over time to assist in determining optimal window of observing circumstances.

Asteroids that have orbits near one or more of the major planets.

Pre-defined lists of asteroids observable tonight that either have time sensitive or data completeness observation potential.

Access to, and information about, the astorb orbital elements database.

Compute fluorescence efficiencies and/or Haser fractions.

Lowell Observatory offers these tools to assist with asteroid observation planning and to facilitate data mining across multiple surveys. We regularly ingest available physical property data for asteroids (See: Data Sources). Combined with orbital and ephemeris solutions, this site provides a powerful and simple way to both plan asteroid observing and investigate novel orbit-physical property characteristics. If you have a dataset that you believe would be valuable to include in this database, please contact use at Orbital solutions are calculated in-house based on Minor Planet Center observations.

Though relatively mature, this site is in continual development as we add new features and tools. If a bug is particularly important or if you have an idea for a new feature, please direct concerns to

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